A System in Self-Mastery

from Guidance to Wellness

by Josette Diaz

Reflect!  Gather!  Action!  Edit!

Are you ready to meet change with grace and ease?

Are you finding what used to work for you no longer works?

Are you wanting your life to look different?

Do you want what you are doing to be more meaningful and really matter?

Are you struggling with going back to the way you used to do things?

Are you at a crossroads in your life such as divorce, an empty nest, or change in job or career and feeling overwhelmed and maybe even lost?

Are you feeling stuck and unsure in the aftermath of a big life change?

What is Seasons of the Soul?

When we reach a place where some things in our life no longer make sense, we go through an awakening, a rediscovery of ourselves with a new and fresh perspective.   This can be scary if you aren’t sure how to navigate through these new feelings. It can feel like you are struggling in life and can’t find a way out.  

You don’t have to do it alone.  The system I have created in Seasons of the Soul is not only a framework, it also guides you to reconnect with yourself so that you may connect with your life and the people in it that love, support, and see you.

Seasons of the Soul is a system that was designed with you in mind.  Change is a constant in life.  No one in the entire world goes through life and does not experience change.

How much peace of mind would you get from a system that supported you through change?

What will you gain from Seasons of the Soul?

This is not a practice in the literal Seasons.  Your Seasons can vary from problem-solving to implementing a goal, to working out a relationship issue.  

You can be in one Season in your personal life and a different Season in your professional life and then another season when making a decision.  

All Seasons take their own course based on what your rhythm dictates.  It is a framework to follow when change is present.  

This framework allows you to create based on your own intuitive guidance, placing you in your rhythm of life.

And this is only the half of it!  You will receive so much more as revelations are revealed to you through Seasons of the Soul.


Learn how to use the Seasons as Archetypes to guide you in the process of decisions, goals, betterment of relationships, on the spot course correction and in any moment that a shift is required

Tools to help you process change, initiate change, respond to change and look at what is needed to change

Slowing down internally is the way to discern and helps you to consider more options and opportunities

Listening deeply will guide you to your intuitive voice, tapping you in to your rhythm

Connecting within assists you in following your own internal compass.

Recognize your value

Set boundaries and recognize when you need them

Create a vision with intention

Know and recognize when someone is taking a healthy space in your life or an unhealthy space in your life

Learn a practical way to assess your spiritual needs so you can spot the areas that drain you

“Josette is a breath of fresh air! I appreciated the abundance of grounded wisdom she had to offer and support me when I struggled to move forward in certain areas of my inner healing journey. This allowed me the grace to move through what I was experiencing. Thank you! I highly recommend and will work with Josette again many times in the future.”

Danielle E.

The Archetypes for change follow the Seasons.


is the Archetype of Reflection. 


is the Archetype for Gathering.


is the Archetype for Action. 


is the Archetype for Editing. 

Coaching Program

Seasons of the Soul is a system you can use to resolve or examine any part of your life.
We use the Four Seasons to find our own natural flow. This becomes our Framework to resolve conflict, address problems, achieve goals and receive our inspiration.
Each Season has its own set of distinctive areas of life to look at. We can experience all Four Seasons in an hour, a day, a week, or a month. This program gives you the tools to work through the seasons with grace and come out on top every time.