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Josette is passionate about guiding women to connect with themselves on a deeper level.  Her dedication comes from understanding her heritage of women who were often unable to fully express themselves.  Drawing from her own experiences as a Leader, Mother, Wif, Single Parent, and Empty Nester, Josette strives for excellence in her journey of Self Mastery, sharing her insigts and lessons with others along the way.

Each Speaking opportunity is customized for the audience and their pain points.  Change is constant and everyone experiences it.  It is how we respond that can make a difference in our lives.  Self Awareness is key and central to Self Mastery.

For both virtual and in-person events participants always receive:

  • Actionable tools that can be applied immediately
  • An interactive experience that opens the space to receive nuggets of awareness that they can chew on
  • Insight into their own habits and patterns based on Identities they have adopted up to now
  • An offering to open the door to prioritize themselves and stop looking good only on paper

Topics Include:

Signature Talk Series:

  • Be Your Own Soulmate
  • Soul Awareness Meditation – Guided lecture and meditation

Self Mastery Series:

  • How Self-Awareness Guides You In Slowing Down
  • How Self-Awareness Guides You In Listening Deeply
  • How Self-Awareness Guides You To Connect Within
  • How Self-Awareness Increases Your Revenue


Signature Talk:  Josette explores the transformative potential of prioritizing one’s dreams and desires, especially in the later stages of life.  She encourages audiences to move beyond simply looking good on paper and start living the dreams they’ve often hidden away.  Through humor and relatable storytelling, Josette captivates her listeners, inspiring them to embrace greater possibilities, freedom, and choice.


  • Be Your Own Soulmate

Self Mastery Series: This series is an exploration of the three pillars I guide my clients through in order to expand their Self Awareness and reconnect to that inner voice and rhythm.  Included in this series is How Self Awareness Increases Your Revenue.


    • How Self-Awareness Guides You In Slowing Down
    • How Self-Awareness Guides You In Listening Deeply
    • How Self-Awareness Guides You To Connect Within
    • How Self-Awareness Increases Your Revenue

Josette’s Most Recent Speaking Engagements

Signature Talk Series Details

Be Your Own Soulmate

Join Josette Diaz for an inspiring and transformative masterclass that challenges you to prioritize your own dreams and desires. In her signature session, “Be Your Own Soulmate,” Josette delves into the profound impact of putting yourself first, especially in the second half of life.

Through humor and relatable storytelling, Josette captivates participants and opens their hearts and minds to new possibilities. She addresses the common tendency to set aside personal ambitions in order to maintain outward appearances or avoid disorder. Instead, Josette encourages a shift towards embracing self-love and authenticity.

This masterclass will guide you through:

  • Desire to Vision: Learn how to transform your deepest desires into a clear and compelling vision for your future.
  • Clarity and Identity: Discover how to obtain clarity about your goals and understand the difference between your current identity and who you need to become to move your vision forward.
  • Evidence of Dreams: Explore the process of stacking the evidence of your dreams, building a solid foundation for achieving your aspirations.

Participants will leave the masterclass with the tools to:

  • Recognize the importance of prioritizing their own dreams and desires.
  • Understand that the second half of life is a time to be selfish in the best way possible.
  • Move beyond looking good on paper to genuinely living their hidden dreams.

Josette’s heartfelt communication style and palpable realness create a powerful connection, leaving a lasting impact on attendees. Don’t miss this opportunity to discover the freedom and choices that come with being your own soulmate.


Soul Awareness Meditation – Guided Lecture and Meditation

As an energy healer and certified Reiki Master Teacher since 2006/2014, I developed my own healing modality in Soul Awareness Meditation.  This meditation process takes the participants on a journey to heal or provide deeper insight based on whatever subject matter is chosen.

This talk helps participants:

  • Feel relaxed
  • Explore whatever is presented in their internal vision
  • Be guided to resolve or deepen their connection to an issue that is being brought to their awareness.
  • Provides time for reflection
  • All this is occuring in the guided meditation while energy healing takes place

Self Mastery Series Details

How Self-Awareness Increases Your Revenue

We have all taken the hits over the last two years.  Whether it has been through loneliness, Zoom fatigue, or over-exposure in close quarters.  For many of us, our Self Esteem has been affected in some way.  Becoming aware of our Values is the beginning of increasing our Self Awareness.  Expanding how we value ourselves is in direct relation to our revenue.

This talk helps participants:

  • Know how to increase Self Esteem
  • Use a tool to increase your Self Awareness
  • Know why it is important to align with your Values
  • The importance of Emotional Self Care

How Self-Awareness Guides You to Slowing Down

In order to Slow Down internally, an awareness of self needs to be present.  Why?  If you do not have Self Awareness you will miss your internal queues to adjust your pace.  When we are moving through life at a fast pace, we tend to ignore and overlook many of the contributing factors that are the root of what causes us the most pain.  You cannot find your true north, your internal compass, your rhythm without the Self Awareness to recognize the queues to slow things down and see and hear the contributing factors that cause you pain.  Slowing Down allows you to make clear decisions, and discern what you are really wanting and what your true intentions are.  Slowing Down is the first Pillar in my system, Seasons of the Soul.

This talk helps participants:

  • Answer yes or no if they are feeling like they do not really run their own life
  • Pinpoint what is causing them the most pain
  • Recognize the queues to Slow Down
  • A breathing technique that can slow themselves down instantly

How Self-Awareness Guides You To Listening Deeply

Listening Deeply comes through Slowing Down.  Once you pause, breathe, and focus your mind to join you in your heart space, you can connect to the inner ear.  The rhythm that is in each of us.  Listening Deeply allows you to discern your boundaries and connect deeper to your divine feminine guidance.  This guidance brings you to the place within yourself where your mastery lies.

This talk helps participants:

  • Slow Down and connect to their heart
  • Receive a message from their inner rhythm
  • Walk away with a tool to guide themselves to the inner ear of Listening Deeply
  • Recognize where the tension is held in your body that you have not noticed

How Self-Awareness Guides You To Connect Within

Through Slowing Down, Listening Deeply you create a pathway to Connect Within.  Establishing a practice and habit of inner communication strengthens your ability to discern, hear the inner rhythm, and be guided by your own needs.  This is the path to Sovereignty.  The ability to Connect Within yourself, means you follow your own path based on the Values you align with and adhere to as well as listen to what is important to you.  This connection brings you closer to those around you as you lift your Self Awareness to a higher level of empathy that is not entangled in others’ energies.

This talk helps participants:

  • Understand the value in self-evaluation of feelings, behaviors, and responses
  • Learn a technique in being the Observer of your own life
  • Practice connection
  • Learn to not take in other people’s energy by getting out of the way so they may learn their lessons

“Josette Diaz did a fantastic program on self-care and meditation tools! Very relaxed!”

Kay M.

Women's Council of Realtors

“Josette has a gift for leading people, even newbies, deep inside her guided meditations which are powerful tools that help you regroup and refresh your mind.”

Padma N.

“Josette is an engaging speaker, an excellent storyteller, and draws listeners in with her soothing yet powerful words and voice. Our conversations are always so much fun and resonate well with listeners.”

Sandra S.

Chronically Driven Podcast and The Wisdom of Wellness Podcast

“Experience counts!! Josette surely has experience with Reiki as a business…and she shared it well!!”

San Diego Reiki Corps