The Confidence Code




As High – Achieving Women in Midlife we can feel like we are running out of time to make our dreams come alive.   

We grew up thinking that we could have it all!  We were told women had more opportunities to have the careers, the family, and the marriage simultaneously!  No generation before us had that opportunity.

And now that we are approaching or are smack in the middle of Midlife, we recognize that we have chased the dream of our female ancestors and other women before us at a high cost to ourselves.

We may have ticked off many boxes while we fulfilled the checklist of the Dream we were sold.  Except no one told us, it doesn’t look like that anymore. 

We can see in the rearview mirror how we may not have prioritized ourselves, emphasized our happiness, or the things that brought us internal joy.  




How Can This Program Help?


As a High-Achiever, you have a large capacity for managing varying degrees of difficulty and making sense out of chaos.

You have so much on your mind and it sometimes keeps you up at night.

You worry about…

  • The bills and debt
  • Your stocks and retirement
  • parent care
  • child care (for some)
  • home maintenance, real estate prices, property tax, and personal taxes
  • Your health, the health of your loved ones.

We could go on.  All of this leaves you feeling like you’re failing somehow even though you have managed to keep it all going.  It is not how you saw your success showing up in life.

The Confidence Code is a strategy and a formula to create more happiness and allow yourself to live a more fulfilled life.

We all know that our Values are important and some of you may have even heard they can be a roadmap to happiness.

I am going to teach you the strategy of how to determine and use your Values and so much more.  By the end of six (6) weeks, you will understand the formula and crack The Confidence Code.

Knowing this code will provide you with a way to navigate life’s pitfalls, challenges, and changes; so that, you can live life with more ease.  You only have to apply what you will discover about yourself.



The Program



This Program is One-On-One.  We meet every other week for six (6) weeks for 45 minutes.

Here is what is included:

  • A Workbook with thought provoking exercises
  • Pre-Recorded Tutorials to guide you through the exercises
  • Three (3) private One-On-One Sessions.  This is where the magic is!
  • A private classroom to house your meeting link, communication, homework, video tutorials etc.
  • Access to Voxer me in between sessions
  • Access to my self-mastery community, free for the first 30 days (after your program)


  • On-Demand Personalized Soul Awareness Meditations (up to two)
  • Two Creative Art Exercises to reveal current blindspots that are keeping you stuck

Why Me?

I am Josette Diaz, my journey started over 10 years ago when life turned upside down. After I had left my leadership role of 15 years as an Administrator over a department in an Academic Medical Facility, I chose to prioritize my family.  

As a high-achiever, it was not easy walking away from a career I had been a part of for so long and had shaped my identity and how I saw myself.  I found myself in an identity crisis. Slowly I found my way to happiness in this new role.  Then life turned upside down.  

Every one of us has a story and has been through something. Pain is pain, loss is loss, and survival is survival. The circumstances are the vehicle to get our attention.

I began to recognize life had to turn upside down, so I could get right side up.  I went on a journey of discovering my true self and learned to Be My Own Soulmate™️.

I now lead High-Achieving Midlife Women to let go of societal expectations and rely on their inner power as they learn to be their own soulmate.

The Details



This is a 6 week Course, where you will receive Three one-on-one coaching sessions.  We meet every other week.

Retail Price:  $750    Currently:  $500!

This is a Limited Time Offer!

Offer Expires at Midnight on July 22nd 2024 PST

Once you save your spot you will receive a confimation email with a link to book your first session!

All sessions will be held on Zoom.







Client Love

“The Confidence Code with Josette helped me to experience the importance of leaning into my values, especially during times of difficulty. I’m usually a confident person, but during the program I was in a motor vehicle accident and my confidence took a hit – literally. I was unable to emotionally participate fully for a short period of time – I just couldn’t wrap my head around the work.

So during those first days of my recovery, in the mornings, for at least an hour, when I usually would be working on my program lessons, instead I created a little sacred space for myself at my kitchen table. I lit a candle, listened to a podcast or music and worked on a hand stitched picture I was making for my granddaughter. This practice allowed me to process my thoughts about the accident. I realized I was living my three top values of spirituality, passion and creativity in real time. It was like shining a new light on them in a way I’d never experienced. I know now that by intentionally embracing them, they can help me to remain grounded. I can be my own cheerleader and use my values to bring my happiness back and rebuild my confidence.

I’m so grateful for Josette and the Confidence Code program. Her soothing vibe creates a safe space, allowing self discovery to unfold. I can positively say that with her by my side, as my guide, my confidence is soaring and my dreams appear within reach. It’s a beautiful feeling to be so supported.”

Kathy B.